We as Larimart

Larimart is a team made up of people, a team of talents of immense value, who every day contribute to making our company great.

Let’s discover the history of some members

Paola Cardinali

Mechanical design manager

«passion and awareness: the drivers of my career»

Paola Cardinali, graduated in mechanical engineering, after her first post-graduate work experiences, joined Larimart 20 years ago as a mechanical designer and has held the role of mechanical design manager for 10 years.

The passion for her work has always accompanied her in her career as a necessary driving force to always be able to grasp and create new stimuli, keeping the enthusiasm and curiosity alive for each project.

For this reason, Paola would advise young people entering the world of work to always bring with them and keep alive their passion for what they do. Furthermore, he believes it is essential to have awareness of oneself, one’s abilities and the professional reality one experiences.

Davide Costarelli

CME production line manager

«My work? My passion!»

For Davide, Production Line Manager, his work is first and foremost his passion.

He took his first steps in Larimart in 2008, immediately after graduating in electronics and telecommunications, initially dealing with electronic testing and assembly. Thanks to the commitment and dedication he has always shown, he continues his professional path until he achieves one of his most desired objectives: covering the role of manager with pride and satisfaction.

A story of growth and evolution, fueled by passion, ambition, determination and humility.

Values ​​that, for Davide, every young person should keep alive when entering the world of work.

Gabriele Martello

Hardware designer

«Enthusiasm, gratification and curiosity have accompanied me from the first day in Larimart»

Gabriele, 26 years old and a degree in electronic engineering.

After graduating in March 2021, he joined Larimart as an intern and was then hired as a hardware designer.

A path that Gabriele defines as the natural continuation of his studies and what I am passionate about.

«The feeling of satisfaction when I work is indescribable» Gabriele tells us, «because here in Larimart I have the opportunity to study, design, create and test the product; apply what I have studied in concrete terms and experience all the production processes.»

His professional history has just begun but it has already been colored with results and satisfaction, and the hope is that it can always develop for the better.

In addition to working, Gabriele is continuing his studies in telecommunications engineering.

Fiorella Manzotti

Human resources director and health, safety and environment manager

«I grew up in Larimart, it’s my second home»

The story of Fiorella Manzotti follows that of Larimart: both an expression of growth, evolution and success.

It was January 6, 1982, at the time a work epiphany and the day in which Fiorella, now director of Human Resources and responsible for Health, Safety and Environment, walked through the doors of Larimart to take on the role of switchboard operator.

Just turned twenty, many dreams, uncertainties but also curiosity and determination which led her, after a few years, to deal with “pay and contributions” in administration.

In 1991, 9 years after joining the company, Vittorio Biscarini (Managing Director), proposed to Fiorella to manage Human Resources and then also offered her the position of S.S.A. manager.

The values ​​that accompanied that girl in her early twenties are still present today: transparency, honesty, respect and simplicity. These are the key to the professional success of one of Larimart’s key figures.